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Sex Addiction & Porn Addiction

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction describes any sexual activity that feels 'out of control'. A sex addict feels compelled to seek out and engage in sexual behaviour, in spite of the problems it may cause to his/her personal, social and work life.

The type of behaviour does not define addiction. The essential difference between the addict and the non-addict is that these behaviours feel out of control. An addict may spend an inordinate amount of time planning, engaging in and recovering from their chosen sexual activity. And in spite of the physical, emotional, relational or financial risk, they feel unable to stop their behaviour. Or at least, unable to stay stopped.

For example:

    • Compulsive masturbation
    • Consistent use of pornography
    • Having multiple, ongoing affairs
    • Exhibitionism
    • Unsafe sex
    • Sex work or use of sex workers
    • Anonymous sex
    • Voyeurism
    • Telephone sex
    • Chat room/online sex


No-one can truly understand how you are feeling right now but all of your emotions are valid. If you believe you might be a partner of a sex addict I am able to provide a non-judgemental, confidential space to talk about how you are feeling.

I am based in confidential offices in Plymouth.

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